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Dantek A/S

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Gina Pellon

Dantek was founded in 1987 (from 2014-08-01 a part of the Systematic group) by two people dedicated to providing information. From the beginning the company consensus on information technology and information management was to serve the aim of the company itself through adoption of intelligent and userfriendly IT systems. 

Dantek systems target the customer's actual situation and adapt solutions that meet the individual needs of the customer. These core parameters have resulted in Dantek developing and implementing library solutions for customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

Business concept
Dantek's business concept is to offer efficient information systems, which raise the users' knowledge of today's available IT to the highest possible level. Dantek develops solutions that are characterised by huge contents of knowledge. Solutions that provide information based on viable and persistent technology while preserving harmony between humanistic visions and computer science. Dantek is and always aims to be in the forefront of defining the frames of necessary technology. Dantek interprets and develops these technological options from a social and a humanistic perspective.

System construction
Dantek's goal is to harbour an active and dedicated organisation that enables meeting customer needs effortlessly - also during the development phase - creating close links between customers, specialists and management. Through the joint forces of a group of capable and creative specialists, Dantek is guaranteed integration of the latest knowledge into coherent and optimally functioning products.

Dantek makes it possible
Dantek makes complete and complex library solutions function in ordinary as well as extraordinary circumstances. Dantek supplies great parts of the public sector, and has acquired a substantial expertise with this sector during a span of 25 years. Dantek is always prepared to develop and provide total solutions for workplaces with a great focus on function and environment. Dantek integrates information systems into every day routines, thus qualifying the users to  finish their tasks quickly, hereby increasing profitability to the benefit of the individual user and the company itself.

Systematic Library & Learning
(former Dantek)
Søren Frichs Vej 39
8000 Aarhus C
Telephone: +45 89 43 21 00
Support: +45 86 80 30 99
CVR: 59082418

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